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Discover the tools and services needed to enhance cross collaboration communication with global partners at scale, to connect, exchange, learn, discover, and manage relationships for key procurement decisions in a global network of trusted members.



Why use produhkt

It's a better way to work

The widespread recognition of the term "supply chain" has come primarily as a result of the globalization of manufacturing since the mid 1990s. In 2017 this changed, The "Digital Revolution" in supply chain is just beginning.

We've built everything in house

Made by an awesome team

Our team has a combined technology background of over 20 years and experience of running a multi-national distribution/manufacturing company - we understand the problems in this industry and have the technical know how to fix them.

Irfan Nassem @ Produhkt

Irfan Naseem

Thinker and Tinker'er

Jonathan Madeley @ Produhkt

Jonathan Madeley

Software Developer

Alan Doherty @ Produhkt

Alan Doherty

Software Developer